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Samsung Galaxy S 4G and G-Slate – T-Mobile to Launch Them In Spring

T-Mobile has announced that the Galaxy S 4G, a successor of the Samsung Vibrant phone will be launched sometime during this month and the LG G-Slate is scheduled for a spring launch. While the Galaxy S 4G supports the 4GHSPA technology provided by T-Mobile which provides internet speeds at a ten times faster rate when compared to 3G, the G-Slate boasts of never before seen 3D recording and playing back capabilities on Google’s Android platform.

The battery life of Galaxy S is more promising when compared to its predecessor and the LG tablet boasts of an 8.9″ wide screen. Although 3D glasses would be required to watch the playback on the tablet. T-Mobile’s news about the launch comes only a couple of weeks before the Mobile World Congress.

Now that many of world’s leading technology manufacturers are gearing up for the WMC, these two gadgets are sure a stand out from the rest.

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