iOS iphone 4 Jailbreak

iPad and iPhone Springboards To Stream Live and Transparent Wallpapers

The springboards of both the iPhone and iPad can now become transparent, thanks to jailbreaking technology. The springboard is in fact the home screen of any iOS . Now, Limenos has developed a new tweak that can enable the camera on the springboard. The live images screened by the camera would actually act as a live wallpaper, thus making the springboard transparent. The Activator gestures of the camera, viz. Camera on, Take Picture, Resume, Rear Camera, Torch Off and Exit would also pop up on the screen making it possible for the user to set a wallpaper without opening the Photos App.

In the past, the skins and themes of a springboard on jailbroken devices could be changed. This was possible through winterboard which could be installed through Cydia.

This new tweak can be obtained through Cydia soon. In the meantime, you might want to check the demo videos on youtube.

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