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Is iPad 2 A Slimmer Heir?

It was only an year ago that Steve Jobs introduced to the world, the iPad. Though he admitted that no market survey was done before the launch of the product, iPad was a worldwide phenomenon in no time. Sometime after its first anniversary, we can also expect the iPad 2, although the official announcement from Apple about the second generation iPad is yet to come (expected in a couple of weeks from now?).

If rumors are to be believed, the second generation Apple tablet would possess the same 25cm screen, but the edges are going to get slimmer on the lines of iPhone 4. Also introduced will be a new processor, which will enable 1080p videos. But, according to a few sources, the super resolution retina displays found in iPhone 4 will be missing in iPad 2. iPad 2 is going to come with two cameras, front and back and NFC (Near field Communication) chips that would enable users to swipe their iPad 2 instead of a debit or credit card for processing payments.

Fingers crossed people, for this slimmer heir!

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