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iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak In The Making?

With Jailbreakme being prevented by Apple through a software update, the Dev Team is working hard to bring out an untethered jailbreak not only for iOS 4.2.1, but also for all the future iDevices like iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. An untethered jailbreak would help users to hack into iDevices without the need of a PC.

While the iPhone Dev team is working on a RedsnOw untethered jailbreak, the Chronic Dev team is working on a GreenpoisOn jailbreak. A teaser that showed the successful working of the GreenpoisOn hack on an iPad and iPhone 4 was also recently posted. The best part about these untethered hacks is the easy to use interface that is going to be offered to the users.

With the legalization of these jailbreaks, Apple is finding it tough to keep a lid on these hacks.

2 replies on “iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak In The Making?”

fuck this guys ! they said an ETA last time and it was christmas or new year but where the fuck is the jailbreak! LIERS!

James you dick!
Firstly it is ‘liars’, and secondly they don’t owe you a damn thing.
Just be grateful they’re doing it.

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