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More Details About New iPhone & iPad Hardware

Apple could be bringing some sophisticated display technology to the next generation iPhone and iPad. We had recently pointed out that the price of iPad 2 display screens on third party vendor sites were significantly higher than older versions that hint at a possible enhancement of technology.

Now, artwork included with the new version 1.1 of Apple’s iBooks application gives us more evidence of this upcoming display enhancement. The list of artwork includes icons named iPadx2 and iPhonex2 that have icons sized double that of icons named ‘iPad‘ and ‘iPhone‘. While it may be a tad too premature to comment on this rightaway, indications are that these larger sized icons may be to¬†accommodate¬†the screen resolutions of the upcoming devices that, at 2048×1536 pixels may be double that of the current generation devices.

Not just this, we have also heard about the GPU specifications on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. According to some quarters, the new iPad and iPhone variants will be equipped with a dual core SGX543 GPU and a new A5 multi-core chip as CPU.

While all of this indicates a device much more powerful than the current variants, the only concern now is that of the battery performance. Will Apple be able to accommodate all of these performance enhancements without significantly affecting the battery life of the device? This will be worth the wait.

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