Notion Ink Adam Shipments Begin – US & Europe Deliveries To Take More Time

Notion Ink has confirmed that their upcoming tablet, Adam, has passed all the FCC and CE tests. However, as we had mentioned yesterday, the company is facing a minor delay due to an issue with FCC labeling. This means American and European customers should expect a lapse of few more days before getting hold of their Adam.

However, if you are someone who has pre-ordered a unit from other parts of the world, you should be seeing a Notion Ink Adam in your mailbox soon. Rohan Shravan has posted on his website that “Adam has already reached some of its owners“. We are yet to hear from excited new customers on Twitter or Facebook. But maybe that’s just us.

Shravan writes,

“Though for a company doing business IN the respective countries can’t sell product without these certifications, global business does not have any such restrictions, and over all these contradiction makes things confusing. For example, as a customer you can buy a product without these certifications online. We will opt for the safer side and wait for the final confirmation and then ship it to you (little more patience please).”

Have you received your Adam? Please do let us know in the comments below.

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