Notion Ink Adam Delivery Date Delayed Due To FCC Printing

If you are one of those who had pre-ordered a Notion Ink Adam back in December last year, you may have to wait for a little more time before the device ships home. The company has written an email to a number of customers who had pre-ordered a unit to note that they have been waiting for the final FCC and CE numbers to be printed on the device before they could ship. In the email, the Notion Ink Support team writes,

“This e-mail is to inform you that your shipment is ready, but we are awaiting final FCC and CE numbers which are to be printed on the device before we can ship them to you. The Holiday season in December pushed the administrative work and it will be cleared within this week.

We request your kind patience and cooperation till we inform you of
your shipment.”

We will update you on the exact shipment date when it is revealed.

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