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8GB iPhone 3GS Price Dropped

AT&T have announced a drop in the price of the 8GB iPhone 3GS. Starting today, users can get hold of a new iPhone 3GS at a price of $49. That is just half of the original price of $99. The new iPhone 3GS price shall be applicable on all units purchased off the online channel as well as on the AT&T and third party retail outlets across United States. Of course, as you may have guessed, this new price comes with the caveat that users must sign up for a new two year contract with Ma Bell.

The timing of this announcement is interesting considering that AT&T normally announces a drop in iPhone prices just a week or two ahead of new iPhone launches. It is possible that this move is being made ahead of the iPhone’s launch on Verizon that is speculated to happen in under a few weeks from now.

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