Tablet PC Sales Forecast For US Market

According to a new research report published by Forrester, close to one third of American online customers will own a tablet computer by 2015. This is a pretty significant update from their position last year. Forrester has said that they were too pessimistic in their report last year where they had put an average tablet’s frequency of upgrade on par with PCs. In the latest report, the research firm has clubbed tablets with other “lifestyle devices” like smartphones that would be upgraded more often.

Forrester’s research shows that close to 44 million tablet PCs will be sold in 2015. These tablets will cumulatively attract close to 82.1 million users. While this is without doubt a pretty optimistic picture, analyst Ben Banjarin has said that he believe these numbers still do not paint the real picture. He expects 50-52 million tablets to be sold as soon as this year. Here are the numbers from the Forrester report

Tablet PCs sold (US)

2010 : 10.3 million
2011 : 24.1 million
2012 : 35.1 million
2013 : 39.8 million
2014 : 42.3 million
2015 : 44.0 million

Tablet PC Users (US)

2010 : 10.3 million
2011 : 26.0 million
2012 : 50.7 million
2013 : 67.7 million
2014 : 76.1 million
2015 : 82.1 million

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