NOOKcolor Is Barnes & Noble Best-Selling Product In Forty Years

Barnes & Noble has announced that it has sold a record number of NOOKcolor eReader devices during the Christmas shopping season that has taken the device to become the hottest selling product on Barnes & Noble in its four decade history. While the media statement did not disclose the exact number of NOOKcolor units sold, it does note that “millions of NOOK eReading devices” have been sold.

Another interesting revelation from the company’s press statement is the fact that digital sales have overtaken sales of physical books on which is apparently the second largest online bookstore in the world.

Barnes & Noble launched the new NOOKcolor eReader back in November this year. The popularity of the device soon surged following a successful rooting of the device that brought Android market to NOOKcolor. Rooted NOOKcolor devices are now also capable to handling Kindle compatible ebooks which enhances the value of this eReader even further.

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