New iPad 2 Features – To Include Rear Camera & SD Card Slot?

The next generation iPad 2 is rumored to launch anytime between January and April of next year. While there is little doubt about a front facing camera making an appearance (so you could FaceTime), we still reserve our judgement about the availability of a rear facing camera.

But word is now out that iPad 2 will feature not just a rear facing camera, but an additional slot for SD cards as well. These rumors are courtesy a number of iPad 2 casing pictures that have been sourced from Chinese eCommerce websites like Alibaba.

iPad case rear camera

It is not unusual for accessory manufacturers in China to source designs of future electronic products to design and market their accessories. Also considering the number of sources that these pictures have come from, the rumors sound all the more credible.

Anyway, with the latest rumors pointing to a February release, it is just a matter of weeks before we get to see an official revelation of specs.

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