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New Facebook Profiles – Like It Or Hate It?

Facebook has introduced a new version of their profile pages that brings a drastic overhaul of the functionality. You can upgrade to the new Facebook profile by visiting the profile page of one of your friends who has already upgraded and invoking the ‘Get the new profile‘ link on top of the page. If none of your friends have moved in yet, get it from this Facebook engineer’s page.

New Facebook profile

Like with all changes in the past, I am sure that the newly launched Profile pages is sure to invite extreme mixed reactions among the users. Personally, I find the new look profile very cluttered and unnecessarily detailed. A reason for Facebook to migrate users to the new look could apparently be in a bid to dig more information about them – primary details like location and education were until now hidden in the sidebars and are now prominent on the home page. This could instigate the users to keep these details updated all the more frequently.

While I didn’t like it much, that’s just my opinion. What is your opinion on the new look profile page? Do you like them?

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