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Motorola Defy Rooting Instructions Out

This is one thing Motorola just couldn’t defy – stopping enthusiastic hackers from rooting the Motorola Defy. Folks at XDA Developers have always led the pack when it comes to rooting every new handset that arrives in the market and now a user has posted a complete step-by-step guide for users to root Defy.

But before you proceed, we should tell you that rooting is quite risky and you could permanently brick your phone should something go wrong. In any case, should you want to still try it out, you can get the instructions here.

Do note that there are simpler alternatives as well. Z4root is an application that you can download from the Android market. This app can help you permanently root your Defy in one simple click. You could try that one as well.

Either way, don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments below.

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