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iPad Not Connecting To Exchange Server Email – More iOS 4.2 Bugs

More bugs coming to light since the new iOS 4.2 was released. For a slideshow of all the bugs uncovered till now, click on this link.

Users who have updated their iPad to the latest iOS 4.2.1 update are reporting that there is a problem in establishing connection to the email exchange server. Those who attempt a connection are shown a message that reads something like this –

“Exchange Account
Unable to verify account information”

Here are some complaints reported by iPad users on the discussion boards across the Apple forum

“The iPad does not resolve the local DNS zones on the LAN. We discovered this after switching to another available off-LAN connection and were able to access exchange e-mail. It has to acknowledge that the request is occurring because otherwise if it ignored it the request would go out to the internet and it would work fine.”

“Occasionally it will hit the server and download new mail, but 95% of the time I get a connection to server failed error. This is now happening with both my iPhone and iPad, running 4.2.1. Exchange account worked fine before the iOS upgrade, and my MobileMe account still works fine.”

So do we have a fix for this? Troubleshooting users have been able to dig a couple of fixes. But it does not seem to be resolving all user woes. Here’s one solution

Go to Settings -> General Settings -> Reset -> “Reset all content and settings”
Confirm and Reboot
Connect to iTunes
Select “NEW IPAD” (NOT “Restore” — That’s right you have to reset it to factory specs and then start from scratch)
Re-enter your Exchange creds

An alternate fix was to delete the exchange account in settings and recreate it but put the domain and username together in the username field as follows: DOMAIN\username

Did one of these fixes work? What error are you seeing? Tell us in the comments.

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