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Has Find My iPhone Email-Verification Process Got A Bug?

Apple has made the Find My iPhone on MobileMe available for free on the latest version of iOS 4.2. While this is indeed a very nifty feature, a lot of users are complaining that they have been facing problems in verifying their email address while signing up for the service.

Apparently, users are notified that they would need to activate the service by clicking on a link in an email. Following the instructions however does not seem to activate the service. Here is an excerpt from the lengthy discussion on the Apple support forums

“I want to take advantage of the Find My iProduct feature that comes with the new iOS 4.2 update. I added a MobileMe account on my iPad using my Apple ID, then received a note saying I needed to verify my email address before it would become active. A few minutes later, I received the verification email and clicked on the link to verify. After another minute or two, I rechecked my MobileMe account on the iPad but it’s showing as “Not Verified”. I tried to re-verify by clicking on the link in the email and I was taken back to Apple’s website with a message that my email was already verified. When I go to my account settings on the MobileMe site it still shows the email address as not verified.”

“I’m guessing most people are in the same boat as me and never had Mobile Me accounts. From the beginning I used my Apple ID (which is an email address), which I also confirmed through the Apple ID account page. I even deleted my secondary email on that account to make sure only 1 email address is tied to it. Using our email as our Apple ID does not solve this issue”

For some users, the issue appears to have resolved by itself after a few days of trial. There are a few solutions posted too. You may want to check out one of these

“Change your APPLE ID to the E-mail address you have on file-when you sign into the Apple ID page on the bottom there is a little warning sign that says “change your Apple ID to…” just click submit and use the e-mail as your apple id-Because when u ADD an e-mail account to the device it actually is asking for e-mail type as ID-so your APPLE ID should be set to your primary e-mail.

After you do all this changes go to my next step:

Now when signing into your mobileme account on your device ( iPhone, iPad etc ) if you use the FREE .ME account sign in with the APPLE ID-which is the e-mail u used as PRIMARY or press DELETE ACCOUNT and create a NEW one with the same APPLE ID u used before.

If u use the APP do the same thing use your changed APPLE ID (the e-mail thats set as primary) and password”

If you are a user who has been affected, do let us know if this solves the problem.

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