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Fix For FroYo Update On Dell Streak Causing Performance Lags Available

Earlier this month, Dell started rolling out the new Android 2.2 update to its Streak tablet customers. Apparently, the update has resulted in a number of users reporting slowness and performance lags. If you are one of the affected users, here is some good news – a fix for the performance lag is now available albeit unofficially.

Folks at the XDA developers forum have released a few files that could speed up the performance of the Dell Streak so that it performs at the speed it should. The process does not seem to involve overclocking the processors which means it is not exactly a hack but is just a fix to the reported problems.

This update installs custom kernel, custom build.prop and performance tweaking script.
It will not erase your system, userdata or anything else. It just replaces some files.

You can find the updates from the XDA forum thread here. Do check them out and let us know if it helped.

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