Unlocking Phone After Contract Expiry Could Become Mandatory In Canada

A new law is being proposed in the Canadian parliament that could make it mandatory for carriers to unlock the phones of customers after their contract expires. The bill, that has been proposed by Canadian Member of Parliament, David Orazietti has called for a number of changes in the telecom regulations that could make the entire experience more customer-friendly.

Proposals in this bill 133 include making it compulsory for carriers to ask for the subscribers’ consent before making changes to plans midway through a contract. Also, carriers will be required to warn the user when they reach 90% of their monthly cap on data, voice or messages. This is in order to prevent customers from exceeding their monthly quota inadvertently that many a time results in disproportionate increase in monthly bills.

The proposal is currently being debated in the province of Ontario and it is not clear if these proposals could be extended to other parts of the country.

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