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Amazon Launches 'Give Kindle Books' For Easy Ebook Gifting

Looking to buy a nice book for your friend as a holiday gift? You could get them a Kindle ebook instead. Amazon has launched a new feature that will make it easy for users to gift friends and family members with a Kindle ebook even if the recipient does not own a Kindle device. Apparently, all that the user needs to provide is the recipient’s email address.

The new ‘Give Kindle Books‘ feature will apparently let the recipient download the ebook on any of the Kindle supported platforms including the Kindle eReader,  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Blackberry or Android devices. While this is definitely a great way to simplify book gifting, it could prove to be quite a hassle for the recipient if they do not own a Kindle compatible device already. That, in my opinion, brings down the utility of this service.

Nevertheless, if you are keen on giving this service a try, check out this link here.

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