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Pictures Of White iPhone 4 On Verizon "Leak"

In the three years that the iPhone has existed, there must have been several dozen Verizon iPhone rumors. Of course, this time, the likelihood for such a phone to launch are pretty bright. We hear AT&T is no longer promoting the iPhone as aggressively as it once used to. But recently leaked pictures do not seem to be the real deal.

For starters, here is the picture of a white Verizon iPhone 4 that has been making the rounds.

White iPhone 4 on Verizon

There are some interesting revelations. First, you can see a modified antenna band on this new iPhone that could possibly solve the Antennagate issue. Second, you will see that there is no slot for a SIM card making it a possible CDMA iPhone (and not GSM that need SIM cards). Thirdly, you can make out the Verizon logo on top.

But what makes me doubt the genuineness of this image leak is the color. From all that we have heard until now, Apple has been having a tough time bringing the white iPhone 4 to the market. This is primarily because of issues with light leakage and glass panels that do not seem to be going along well with the white color. There are speculations that Apple could actually be doing away with a white iPhone 4 and instead be looking at one such model for the next generation model launching mid-next year. Given these circumstances, a white iPhone on Verizon looks pretty unlikely – very much because this CDMA variant could be launching very shortly. What do you think?

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