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HTC Merge Release Date Set For Today?

Today is the Droid Incredible relaunch party at Seattle when HTC and Verizon will get together for a “Cabaret party” that is mostly about, as you would guess, a new version of HTC Droid Incredible. But rumors are also doing the rounds that the two companies could use the occasion to officially launch the new HTC Merge.

HTC Merge is an Android phone with global network capabilities. That is, though it shall run on Verizon’s CDMA network, the phone will also come with a SIM card slot for GSM connectivity. Apart from this, the phone is expected to carry an 800MHz processor, a 1.3GB internal memory and 363MB RAM. But these are not official specifications and are from a test unit. So, the final specifications – that could probably be announced today – could be that of a much more powerful device.

What is your wishlist?

HTC Merge

One reply on “HTC Merge Release Date Set For Today?”

I have a HTC Incredible and it’s a great phone but I keep fat-fingering and want to go with the new Merge, but only if it really does get released today/soon. Looks like for now, its only rumored released as even one of my bud’s at Verizon said they haven’t heard a peep about it….so either he’s messing with me and can’t tell or it’s true, that there isn’t any release today/soon. OMG, I really wanted to check the Merge out today!!! If it doesn’t come out soon, Droid X, here I come!

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