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iOS Alarm Bug – iPhone Alarms Going Off 1 Hour Late In USA & Europe

In late September, iPhone users in New Zealand were awakened an hour earlier than scheduled due to a bug in the iPhone alarm. The bug apparently hit the users after the country switched to Daylight Savings Time. A week later, users in Australia too reported the issue. Now, as Europe and large parts of Northern Hemisphere made their shift from DST to Standard Time, the iOS bug has hit once again. But unlike the issue faced by the users down under, European users have been complaining that the alarm seems to be going off an hour late – if you are late to work or school, show the authorities this news piece for excuse!

Interestingly, it is not just Europe. Users in North America; particularly USA are also complaining about starting to notice the bug. This is despite the fact that Standard Time does not begin at least a week from now. The reason is because the iPhone is apparently hardcoded with the DST switchover dates which were apparently pushed back by a week a few years back in some places. As a result, the American users are seeing the bug ahead of schedule.

If you are “bugged” by this issue, there are two alternatives – Either schedule your alarm an hour earlier or move away from recurring alarms for the time being. Setting the clock manually everyday does not cause this problem. Eitherway, the issue is only a short term inconvenience since the bug shall be fixed with the upcoming version of iOS that is expected to be released in the next week.

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