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Print Facebook Photos At Target Using Kodak Kiosks

Popular American retailer, Target, has offered in-store photo printing facilities to users for quite some time. These kiosks however required users to bring their photo files in USB drives to get them printed. Starting now, the company has announced that these Kodak kiosks will be getting Facebook connectivity so that users may directly log on to their Facebook account and pick and print the photos from their virtual album.

The Kodak kiosk is pretty comprehensive in that it will let you print your photos, including those from Facebook, on a variety of objects including photo paper, greeting cards, calendars, movie DVDs, etc. Target has however indicated that the Facebook connectivity will be limited to accessing the photo album; which means you cannot check and update statuses from there.

Facebook has been slowly becoming the primary photo sharing website ahead of more specialized services like Flickr. The company recently opened up options to download photos besides uploading high resolution pictures. It will be interesting to see whether and how Flickr/Yahoo responds to these developments.

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