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Sprint WiMax Roll Out Dates For New York City, San Francisco & Los Angeles Announced

The launch of Sprint’s WiMax service in cities like NYC, LA and San Francisco has been long anticipated. We first wrote about this back in June this year when several Sprint subscribers from New York City and San Francisco reported seeing download speeds of up to 5Mbps on their network. This was followed by reports last month that Clearwire had opened up their 4G network to select early adopters by offering them a 4G service at a price of $35 for the first two months.

Now, presumably with the tests having been successfully completed, Sprint and Clearwire have come up with the official roll out dates of WiMax in these cities. Accordingly, New York City is expected to get the WiMax service first on November 1. This shall be followed by the service going live in Los Angeles on December 1 and in San Francisco by the end of December. It will be interesting to see how fast the networks turn out to be once they gain wide adoption.

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