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Price Of T-Mobile G2 On Amazon Reduced To $99

It’s not been long since the T-Mobile G2 was launched but looks like there are not too many people queuing up to get hold of this one. Amazon has announced a revision in the retail price of this new Android 2.2 phone that brings down the price of T-Mobile G2 by $100. If you head over to Amazon, you will now be able to buy this Android handset for $99. Compare this with the $199 that you pay at other outlets like Best Buy and you know the difference.

But it is interesting that this price revision has come so soon after launch. We may have expected a bit of price-wars to happen considering that the phone was available on multiple channels. But a sale at $99 (with a 2 year contract that is) sounds so low that it is more of an indication that Amazon has not been moving enough volumes rather than a possible price-war with rival retailers.

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