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Play Scrabble On Amazon Kindle With New Application

Amazon Kindle has just received its first paid app from a third party developer – Scrabble from EA. The application will let users play single or multi-player games from a device. However, multi-player games over a 3G or Wi-Fi network is not supported at present.

Though this is the first paid app from a third party developer, the platform does have several other applications that are free to download. A few other apps on Kindle are built into the firmware. Scrabble for Amazon Kindle is available for download at a price of $5 and is compatible with the second and third generation models of Kindle and also Kindle DX.

It is worth noting that this announcement comes barely a day or two after Amazon announced the new updated version of the Android application. The latest release brings several new features including the ability to add notes and highlights to books. Considering the vast user base, it will be interesting to see if the platform will now attract many more developers to build apps for the users.

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