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Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab In Australia Announced

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in many ways the first real challenge to Apple’s iPad. Now according to a statement from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab will go on sale down under starting November of this year at a starting price of $999. That’s close to USD 950. Samsung calls it a reasonable price though it is clearly not considering that the 16GB version of the iPad is just half that price.

However, do note that all units of Samsung Galaxy Tab are 3G enabled which means that the units shall come with a network plan allowing users to buy the device at a subsidized cost. In Australia, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected to be available on all major carriers in the country. But with a recurring monthly data plan cost, the choice between tablet offerings from Samsung and Apple is more of a lifestyle choice rather than a choice of features.

Australians here, do you think the unsubsidized price of $999 is affordable?

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