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USB Tethering On Windows Phone 7 – Without Additional Carrier Fee

If this rumor turns out to be true, Microsoft could be setting the benchmark on what has primarily been a carrier-bullied feature – the ability to tether your device to a PC or another internet capable device without the need to pay additional fee for doing so. Most smartphones today allow USB tethering. But the trouble is that this feature is enabled by the carrier after the user pays an additional monthly fee in the range of $20-$30. Despite paying such a significant fee, tethering does not get users any additional data bandwidth proving to be a costly money-milking exercise from carriers.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft could be making it easy for users to tether their phone to a laptop or netbook and get started on browsing the internet without having to pay any additional fee to the carrier. According to Richard Dudley, a Windows development evangelist, this is the official word. Nevertheless, it makes sense to wait for the official ‘official word‘ before we get too excited.

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