ThankThis – New Ad Network Lets You Earn Money For Readers' Gratitude

Are you a blogger who writes a lot of helpful articles? Do you have something to share on your website that makes your readers want to make a donation? is an upcoming ad network that is targeted exactly at this kind of an audience.

ThankThis basically serves as a platform that will help readers make a contribution to a publisher without having to spend money off their own pockets. Bloggers may place a tiny widget of code on their website that prompts the readers to “thank” the author for their content. Clicking this button will take the reader to an Ajaxified pop-in screen where the advert from the sponsor shall be displayed. The network is basically a win-win for all parties involved – the sponsor gets a viewer, the reader gets to thank the author and the author gets paid from the sponsor. Ad Network Review

ThankThis is from the founders of the popular micropayment service, BitPass. The network is presently in private-beta and is available to publishers on an invitation basis.

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