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New Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect Dashboard Revealed

Microsoft is on to something big with respect to the gaming segment with the launch of the new webcam based motion controller, Kinect. While they are at it, it looks like the company is building a lot of other interesting things as well. We have just got hold of what looks like the new XBox 360 dashboard interface that could be available to gamers pretty soon. As you can see from the video, the interface is more seamless and uncluttered though Microsoft has retained the existing look-and-feel.

This is of course just a minor improvement when you consider the bigger things that Microsoft is up to. But for gamers, this is definitely something to look forward to. There is no word on when exactly this new design is set to make it to the consoles, but there are indications that we may be seeing it before the end of this year. Possibly, along with the launch of Kinect in November.

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