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Microsoft Zune HD 2 Launching This Year?

Microsoft may be working on a new hardware for its Zune HD. While the company has stayed mute on this subject, the rumors have all along indicated that Redmond may build one sequel to its Zune HD player before merging it with the emerging line of Windows Phone 7 products. So where are we getting the latest bit of information from? Well, a recent job opening at Microsoft is seeking applications from senior mechanical engineers who will join the team that built the original Zune HD to build “the next generation of portable entertainment and communication devices“.

Though this is all speculation, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft is planning to do with a hardware refresh. There are rumors that the company could incorporate the Windows Phone 7 platform to Zune HD to bring the device closer in utility to the iPod Touch and thereby make the product more attractive. That would really be terrific. Just that we still do not know if this is all going to be true.

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