Ear Test3r – An iPhone App To Test Your Hearing Capacity

Does your family scowl at you for not responding the first time they called you? Want to check your hearing capacity? Here’s an iPhone app for that. Two’ve Lab have just released a new iPhone app that has been aptly named ‘Ear Test3r‘.

The app works by emitting 16 different sound waves between frequencies of 19.45Hz and 19.91kHz. You may test your ears by pressing START that will actually emit sound waves of these different frequencies. You may press the graph screen when you can start hearing on any of these different frequencies. The app will then plot your graph for you to understand your hearing capacity under these different frequencies.

Ear Tester iPhone App

I have not tested the app myself to give you a first hand review. But by all means, this looks like a useful tool for those of you who are doubtful of your auricular health. The app retails at $0.99 and can be downloaded from the App store by clicking here.

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