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Hot Deals! Price Of Blackberry Torch Now Just $99

Looks like the planetary positions for Research In Motion have all gone awry. Nothing seems to be going their way and if the recent announcement from Amazon is any indication, their latest gadget is not selling all that well. Amazon has announced that Blackberry Torch – the new slider phone that comes installed with the exciting Blackberry OS 6 can now be got for half the earlier price – at $99. That’s a $100 drop from the earlier price of $199.

Of course, you will still have to sign up for a two year contract with AT&T and Ma Bell is still selling it at the orginal price in her stores, but now with Amazon blinking, expect the prices to come down elsewhere as well.

We have already reviewed the features of this unit and also have got some pretty nice accessories for you. Now if you will only head over to Amazon and get hold of the Torch.

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