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Price Of Amazon Kindle In UK Announced – Kindle Store Opens

Amazon has finally opened up its Kindle store for customers in the United Kingdom making it possible for these customers to now legitimately purchase Kindle and ebooks from the Amazon UK store. Until now, users had a tough time getting the devices shipped from US.

According to a statement released by the company, the new Amazon Kindle will retail in the UK market at a price of £149. That’s the 3G model. If you are looking to purchase the cheaper Wi-Fi only model instead, you only need to pay £109. Other than this, the books on the Amazon Kindle books themselves will retail anywhere between £3 and £11. Besides this, Kindle customers in the UK can also lay claim to over 170 newspapers and magazines published in UK and around the world. And of course, these newspaper subscriptions come with a good 14-day free trial.

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