Huawei S7 Shipping Date Announced

Late last month, GoRumors had written about Huawei’s new tablet computer – the Huawei S7. The device compared pretty well with Dell’s Streak smartphone and as we had noted, though Dell Streak was going to be a popular choice based on its dimensions, processor speed and camera resolution, the Huawei S7 too scored well on factors like support to 802.11n Wi-Fi and the availability of USB host ports.

Now news is in that the shipping date for the new Huawei S7 has finally been announced. The launch date has now been set for September 6; that is nearly a month later than the originally expected shipping date of August 5. Interestingly, there is one version shipping this Friday – the S7 that is enhanced with a SDHC memory card slot for extra memory. However, this version shall be available at $460. Wait until September and you can get hold of the non-SDHC version at a price of $360.

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