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Google Docs Update In The Works?

Is Google working on a new version of Google Docs; or one of the other applications in the Apps suite like Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.? Chances are that it is. Several users had recently noticed a new icon in one of the official Google Docs demo released recently. The observation soon spread like wildfire with users speculating the launch of a new Google Apps product – that has been tentatively termed Google Punch since then.

While the launch of a new product appears to less probable at this moment, it is being speculated that the icon could have as well been a placeholder for an upcoming new version of Google Docs. It is more likely that Google is working on an update to Google Docs especially at a time when the company is feeling the heat to revamp its offering due to increasing competition in the space.

There is one more possibility as well. The icon could imply Google’s work on integrating Google Docs with DocVerse – a service that was recently acquired which will let users collaborate on Microsoft Office files. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

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