Embed Wolfram Alpha On Your Blog With Widget Builder

Wolfram Alpha – the computational knowledge engine has had a clear change of strategy over the past few months. Instead of serving itself out as a premium knowledge service, the company has now been targeting ubiquity and is trying to become as commonly available as possible. The most recent example for this change in strategy was the drastic drop in the price of the Wolfram Alpha iPhone app.

Now, the company has announced that it will now be possible for website owners and bloggers to embed widgets from Wolfram Alpha on their own blogs and websites. The new Wolfram Alpha Widget Builder is in beta currently and allows users to create custom computational topics of interest to one’s website audience. ReadWriteWeb explains,

“If you are trying to build a widget that compares the cost of living in different cities, for example, you start with a query like “cost of living New York Boston.” Then you highlight the name of the cities and declare them as variables. In the next step, the layout editor, you can then add additional text, choose the color of your widget and add additional choices to your widget’s popup menus. In the following steps, you can select which part of Wolfram Alpha’s results will appear in your final widget and choose the form in which the results will appear on your site (iFrame, lightbox or popup).”

This is surely something that you can use to spruce up engagement on your own website. If you are interested, go ahead and create a widget for yourself at the Wolfram Alpha Widget page here.

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