Toshiba SmartPad Tablet PC Launch In September?

Mark Whittard – the Marketing Director at Toshiba made a rather uncanny reference to a new Toshiba Smartpad that is on the company’s manufacturing pipeline for the year. According to him, the new Toshiba Smartpad would be a touchscreen tablet PC that will launch during the September or October time scale.

That’s less than two months away. But we are still to hear comprehensive details with respect to the technical specifications or price. It is assumed that the device may run on Google’s Android OS or Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform. The prototype that Whittard revealed appears to include HDMI and USB ports which means users can get comprehensive access to multimedia. It is also believed that the Toshiba Smartpad will be equipped with a digitizer and have the famed iPad-esque multitouch capability.

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