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Acer LumiRead 600 eReader Launch Shortly

We now know that Acer’s new LumiRead 600 ebook reader is going to be out on the stores shortly. The device has just visited the FCC and has received the mandatory approval from the relevant authorities. Unfortunately though, there was no picture or user manual details offered which means it will be sometime before we can spill the tech specs out.

What we however know as of now is that Acer LumiRead eReader is not going to be equipped with 3G for the moment. The device that has made it through the FCC approval is a non-3G device that only works on Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g networks.

Another trivial piece of information that we currently know is that LumiRead shall be powered by 1460mAh Lithium-Ion batteries. The document notes that the device was received on May 7th and testing was completed by June 19th of this year. Get ready for the promos for the new device to begin shortly.

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