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White PS3 Slim Price And Launch Date Revealed

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is now available in a new “classic white” color. According to folks at Kotaku, the new colored PS3 models will also bring with it additional storage capacities. The website notes that the new white Sony Playstation 3 shall be available from July 29 in Japan. The console is expected to be offered in two versions of 160GB and 320GB capacities respectively.

However, do note that this launch is only meant for Japan. There is no word out as yet on when the new white PS 3 will launch elsewhere including North America and Europe.

As with respect to the price, the 160GB version is expected to be available at ¥29,980 (USD$340) and the larger 320GB version shall be available at ¥34,980 (USD$400).

Does it sound enticing?

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