Phecda P7 Android Tablet Review Of Technical Specifications & Price

For those of you in the far east looking to purchase an Android tablet, here is something you could look at. Phecda P7 is the latest Android tablet to hit the Chinese markets. The device comes with a decent 650MHz ARM11-based Telechips processor, 7-inches WVGA display with multi-touch capability, 256 MB RAM, 4GB internal memory and support for SD memory cards, USB ports and HDMI output. Let’s not talk about battery life as it is nothing exceptional at a mere 4 hours.

The Phecda P7 is powered by Android 2.1 and indications are that a Froyo update will be made available soon. However, considering the minimalistic specs, we wonder if the device will hold up to the higher processor requirements on the latest Android platform.

Phecda P7 is now available in China at a price of $220 and there is no word on when it will be made available elsewhere.

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