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Safari 5 Reader Functionality To Improve Reading On Web

Among the several things rumored to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today is a brand new Safari 5 web browser. The new Safari browser is expected to come with several new features. For instance, Safari 5 will render JavaScript 25% faster. As it has been rumored earlier, Bing and Yahoo will join Google in the list of search engines that users may search from. There are several more added features as you can see from the screenshots below, but the most significant is a new “reader” icon that users may press to be able to read articles on the web in a single clutter-free page.

Safari 5 web browser

Safari 5 web browser

What does that mean? There is not much information at the moment. My presumption is that the Reader shall be translate all the main textual content of a website into a PDF-like format without the banners, ads and navigational text so that users may read as they would be doing on an ebook.

It is also possible that Apple incorporates iAd into this whole set up somehow. We will have to wait and watch.

[via 9to5Mac]

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