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Sony PSP 2 To Launch Next Month?

Sony has been pretty tight-lipped with regard to their new product launches so far, be it a low cost version of PlayStation 3 or this one. But according to sources that MCV spoke to, two key publishers are waiting on an increasing marketing spend and that they are waiting for Sony to announce its new platform before the publishers could announce their own PSP plans

Speculations are that this announcement could come during next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, that is scheduled to be held at Los Angeles.

PSP was launched over six years ago and so far has remained free from any major changes to its model. Next month could change all that.

[via MCV]

One reply on “Sony PSP 2 To Launch Next Month?”

I’d imagine that the PSP2 will definitely make an appearance at E3 this year. Otherwise they will lose too much ground to the Nintendo 3DS and the increasingly popular iphone/itouch.

Personally I think it will be 3D capable too. Can’t wait to see it!

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