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Palm Fires Ad Agency, Scouting For New Partners

Following a lackluster performance over the past few quarters, Palm is known to have severed its ties with Modernista, the ad agency which was responsible for the several “creepy” looking ads of late and is reported to be talking to several agencies. Modernista is not the only casualty. The company has also reportedly fired its Director of Marketing, Scott Hancock.

The move comes following lower-than-expected sale of its Pre and Pixi handsets since the company engaged in partnership with Modernista last year. This is also a blow to Modernista as Adage notes,

“This is yet another major setback for Modernista, which lost its biggest account, General Motors’ Cadillac brand, late last year. Since the carmaker shifted its account to Publicis-backed BBH, New York, Modernista has been forced to cut staff, and in December shuttered its three-year old Amsterdam office.”

[via Adage]

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