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YouTube To Offer More Monetization Opportunity To Video Publishers Soon?

More analytics services and monetization  opportunities for Youtube’s content creators may be on the way. PC World has reported Google’s recent acquisition of San Francisco based startup, Episodic that could indicate a future in this direction.

Episodic claims to be a platform for “broadcasting, measuring and monetizing live and on-demand video content to the web or any web-enabled device“. Announcing the acquisition on their blog, Episodic writes,

“Episodic and Google share a common vision for video on the Web. Online video will be ubiquitous, engaging, entertaining, informative and effective. Both teams place value on creating a great experience for viewers and on delivering a powerful and flexible platform for publishers, marketers and advertisers of all kinds. We’re very excited to join the talented team at Google and to continue creating great experiences for viewers and powerful platforms for publishers, marketers, and advertisers.”

While more details of the acquisition is not yet known, the Episodic team is expected to move to Youtube’s office sometime next week.

[Episodic via TechCrunch]

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