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TiVo With Full HD Support Coming Soon

You could soon be laying hands on a TiVo with full HD support. This is being reported by CrunchGear who quote reliable sources as writing to them of this possibility. According to these sources

The most important: a move to full HD menus, improved search, and the phasing out of Series 2 hardware… [A]side from minor add-ons like Blockbuster support the old UI and OS will be replaced by a fully HD version, available at first on Series 3 hardware.

This is not the only speculation surrounding the future offerings up the sleeve for TiVo. Late last year, we also heard rumors about the introduction of a TiVo Premiere edition that could come with ATSC and cable card support.

All of this have strictly been rumors so far with nothing confirmed from the company. We will keep you updated with more as and when we hear them.

[via CrunchGear]

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