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In-Car Music Purchasing Application

Airbiquity, a company working on wireless communications solutions is working on an application that will make downloading music while you travel easy. The application, the developers say will help you download that cool song that you just heard on the radio.

In a patent application filed recently under the title, “IN-VEHICLE MOBILE MUSIC PURCHASE”, the inventors describe a way to download your favorite music rightaway to your car digital stereo, mobile phone or even your home computer.

According to the invention, a dedicated button shall be provided with the in-car stereo or can be externally provided via a software configuration. Once installed, whenever a user listening to a song on the radio wants to purchase it, they need to press this button. Doing so will pull the metadata of the song (title, singer,etc.) and purchase and download the music from the pre-configured third party retailer such as iTunes. It is better explained via the image below

In-Vehicle Music Purchase application

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