Hulu Plus On PS3 – Only For PlayStation Plus Subscribers?

As you may have already heard by now, Hulu has launched their premium subscription service at $9.99. One of the platforms where the new Hulu Plus will be available is on gaming consoles. We have already talked about Hulu coming to XBox 360 and now there has also been talks of the Hulu Plus service coming to Sony PlayStation3.

However, it has been believed that the service should be available to any customer to pays up the $9.99 monthly fee. Not so. We are now hearing that the Hulu Plus subscription shall only be made available for Playstation Plus subscribers. The folks at Technologizer have dug out some information from the source code of the Hulu Plus download page that shows

Hulu Plus On Playstation Plus

We are yet to hear any confirmation in this regard, though.

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  1. Does it anoy anyone else that we can’t browse media on the ps3 while music is playing? I used to love slideshowing photo’s and playing tunes when I had friends over, why would sony take that away from us?

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