Hulu Plus Will Have Ads – And You May Have To Pay Extra To Remove Them

I know media folks can be quite annoying. Imagine the likes of Rupert Murdoch from not one, but three firms – NBC, Fox and ABC breathing down your neck and demanding for more money. That’s surely not a dream job for anyone wanting to be a CEO. But that’s exactly what Jason Kilar at Hulu does for a living.

So it comes as no surprise that Hulu will be carrying ads on their $10 a month premium service named Hulu Plus. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, speculations are doing the rounds that there could be an additional payment option for users looking to remove ads from what is already a premium service.

As always, this news is not confirmed as yet. But as I said earlier, this does not surprise me given that Kilar has to answer bosses from three media companies at the end of every quarter.

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