Huawei T62W eReader Features Touchscreen Display, SIM Card Slot

So as you know, every manufacturer wants to jump in on the tablet and eReader craze that has seemed to have popped in all of a sudden. Huawei has just sent in its new T62W eReader for a checkup at FCC and you should see them become available on the American stores shortly.

So what’s in on the new eReader? Well, to begin with, this is a 6-inches e-ink display device that is touch-based. Of course, there are all the eReader features including Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, a microSDHC card slot and yes, a SIM card slot. The final part is obvious considering you also have 3G connectivity, but it is not clear if it is going to be an iPad-like micro SIM card or just the regular sized mini SIMs.

Other details, including the price, are notably missing at present. But just hang on as we get more information.

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