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HTC Desire In Canada To Be Called HTC Triumph

HTC Desire has been a pretty anticipated Android phone since it was announced in February this year and has received a lot of rave reviews. Now, we have heard that the HTC Desire is coming to Canada – rebranded as “HTC Triumph“.

According to sources, the device will be launching with Telus in the Canadian market and the release date is expected to be in the month of July or August.

HTC Triumph will retain the 3.7 inches AMOLED touchscreen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 5 megapixel camera that has been noted on HTC Desire.

[via Mobile Syrup]

2 replies on “HTC Desire In Canada To Be Called HTC Triumph”

Why did they decide to rename it Triumph ?? It sure will be a Triumph, but i Desire it ! 🙂
I’m sure I won’t be able to call it that way, it will always be Desire to me

Purchased a new Desire about a month ago as a business phone however am very dissatisfied , firstly i would have about 900 contacts on my previous XDA and was able to view by business or individual, not so on Desire only by personal which is of no use especially with no search option either. Android 2.2 is supposed to have search facility but not different view option launch date seems to differ each time . Battery pretty good approx 18 hrs medium usage. Wireless bluetooth poor, paired with parrott car kit ok for day or so however won’t connect even by unpairing and pairing new, same problem with wireless bluetooth headset……..any ideas

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